3 Easy Steps to Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

For years my mind’s been cluttered with thoughts like:

“What am I doing with my life?”

“What if, when I’m old and stale, I think back to what I’ve accomplished during my youthful years and feel nothing?”

“Why does my face look like Jenny Slate gave birth to a Cabbage Patch Kid?”

“Can I even?”

But after I learned about the minimalist movement, I realized:

My insurmountable craving to feel a sense of worth and purpose isn’t my problem, it’s stuff.

You see, minimalism is therapeutic. Instagram-worthy people who possess the money and circumstances to accumulate a lot of stuff have figured out a way to make their lives even better: they get rid of all the stuff.

It’s like having a garage sale, but it's your life and Aunt Deborah can't give you five bucks for it. The act of throwing stuff away helps you clear your mental state. Because decluttering your space means you’re decluttering your mind.

But getting rid of stuff is just half the battle. Other essential aspects of joining the minimalist movement are: starting a blog, wearing faded colors, buying minimalist products, and documenting your minimalist journey with your professional Canon 70D camera.

I decided to give minimalism a try. By taking these three simple steps, I was able to accomplish the ultimate minimal life.

Step 1: Look the Part

As any true minimalist knows, the simpler your clothing the better. So I went with the most simple piece of clothing I could find on the street.

minimalism 1.png

Step 2: Get Rid of Everything

I lit my apartment on fire and said goodbye. My neighbors' deck is my home now. I didn't ask, but they're cool with it.


Step 3: Get the gear

I deduced that true minimalists fill their spaces with minimalist objects. So I plopped myself in front of the local library's computer to order my objects off of Amazon.


I dug up items from the trash instead.

minimalism 3.png

And voilà! After following these simple steps, I transformed into a true minimalist.

Try the transformation yourself, and let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.